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Protein water tank
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Deodorizing Tower
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Rongcheng Pingfang Fishery Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional machinery manufacturing enterprise of designing, research and development, manufacturing, installation of the full set of wet fishmeal equipment. Located at Rong Cheng City, Shandong Province which is the main production area of fish meal, the company has gained rich experience from ten years of R & D and manufacturing of fishmeal equipment. Through the import and absorption of advanced domestic and foreign production technology of fishmeal equipment and processing technology, combined with the actual production condition of different regions at home and abroad, the company has developed a series of production lines of complete sets of wet fishmeal of various processing amounts in 24 hours of 50T, 80T, 100T, 150T, 200T, 300T, 400T, 500T.

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